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    Alice Valcho

    I believe this internet site has some real great info for everyone :D. “America is not merely a nation but a nation of nations.” by Lyndon B. Johnson.


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    It is very unfortunate . We are very uanregtful as a nation. Sundarban like our mother protects Bangladesh from Cyclones , Tsunami and tidal surge.During liberation war we took shelter in Sundarban and operated many attacks on occuptaion army from there .But we failed to earn glory and recognition for it due to negative perception , negative attitude. All of us should do soul searching How much did we do to project Sundarban to our known persons ? How much we did to motivate persons to vote for Sundarban. It is really a serious opportunity lost . Very few people of the world is truely aware of the natural treasure and beauty of Bangladesh. Our diplomatic missions , our foreign ministry fail to market Bangladesh to world community .Even we NRBs fail to project Bangladesh appropraitely unlike Indians, Chinese and even Vietnames. This is the saddest part of our culture and our national psyche.

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