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    of course this movie is far from art movie..but in its genre it is the best of the best, so for me it is FULL PRICE..and what i like? even more is the criilnams are portrayed as you and me, people who know working sucks and are not evil, just trying to make a living, and robbing from rich cocksukers makes it even more fair and entartaining to watch.. all around good movie.. and i would never say this for such action flicks, but yes, it was great-IN its Genre.. that is.. so, respect..

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    Hitler had a square muctassh and no beard. His hair dragged to the side and pressed down . Joe got a long muctassh and a beard and his hair dragged up. Except for both being black haired males there is no resemblence. Does that mean black hair = Hitler look a like? Expensive games? Several of these were triple A titles with the typical expensive price . And for ex PS2 is more expensive if you actually buy some of the hughe amount aviable.

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