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Wietnamska uprawa konopi pod Myszkowem

Zdjęcie: uprawa marihuany myszkow 01

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    This is the perfect way to break down this innftmarioo.

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    Hi Susan,Just had to let you know .I recently orederd an Emma Bridgewater mug (Rose) for my sister, Roberta. I intend to give it to her on her Birthday (June 25th) because her favorite flower has always been the Rose. I got her to name her cute little house Rose Cottage. She painted the name and some roses on a little child’s desk chair and set it on her front porch. Now she can sit out there with her morning tea and feel very English. I can’t thank you enough for the timely processing of my order. I orederd the mug on the 16th and it arrived today just in time to be wrapped and ready for presentation! P.S. I also treated myself with your 2013 calendar, very cute. Hugs from NJ

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    Hi Susan! I found your Pesto/Cheese spread tceukd away in a safe place:) Many years ago, you made a sympathy card that was sooo beautiful and comforting.It was ,as I recall, a spiral design with the ocean and a seagull in the scene.I purchased everyone that I could find I loved them so much! Is there any chance that you would consider making them again? Also, will you ever make rubber stamps for all the cardmakers out there? I would be first in line to buy them! You have a wonderful site by the way!! I love coming here! You make me feel wanted, which is hard to do in the Internet world for sure! Your friendliness, kindness, compassion and overall love for family,nature and beauty are very evident in all that you do here on your site.Thank you so very much for having it for us all! From now on, when I come here, I am going to join you with a cup of tea ! A perfect way for me to take a break and find out what’s happening with you whether you are back East or out here in California:)P.S. I also love all of the wonderful goodies you have for us to bring into our homes! I have lots of your recipe card/folder sets,cookbooks and other special finds.I am in the process of filling one of your recipe albums for my son as he starts his new life with his bride! I am proud to say he has become quite a cook and I think it has something to do watching his mama all these years! Your artwork is incredible and sooo amazing to look at! Thank you so much for all that you do. Hugs, Julie B.T.

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    Susan- Your Dec. WILLARD is heartwarming and noglstaic. To only say I enjoyed it would completely be an understatement. I sent it to all the people I care about. When I find such kindred spirits as I find in your art, your words, in Willard , and in your other readers, well, it just makes my heart & soul SING! I feel like I have come home and found many other like minded people and what a glorious feeling! I loved the personal story & history behind the naming of your newsletter! Thanks for sharing with us. I did an opposite move in my own life as you. I was born and raised in Mass. and lived my adult years in sunny, hot, humid S.E. FLA. We are finally having some wonderful weather in Nov. & now in Dec. Loving it! All year I live for this weather! I will always be a New Englander at heart and I miss the awe in the distinct changes of seasons I think those changes renews us on different levels. It gives us a fresh start and a change of scenery without leaving home! I know I’m not alone, but I am personally emerging from a long period of depression. After over five long bleak years, I am slowly finding the joy in my creative projects once more and gradually finding joy back in my life! I won’t lie, it’s been a long hard climb, including more than a few set-backs. We are all just human. Expect and accept imperfections in life, others, and ourselves sometimes they take us on wonderful & unexpeted detours. And finding joyful sites as yours Susan, help brighten many a day! So thank you for all you do for us fans!_ Last but not least, my heart goes out to all the victims of Sandy’s wrath. Since living through hurricane Andrew, Wilma, etc. I can only imagine the battles you face to get back to any kind of a normal life.I’m not physically able to help, unfortunably, but I know I am not alone sending you strength, faith and endurance to help you through your crisis.****NEVER GIVE UP! We are all here for a purpose even though it may take some of us our whole lives to discover what it is. So be it But as long as we draw breathe, it’s NEVER TOO LATE TO DISCOVER OUR PASSION, OUR CALLING!Happy Holidays to all, Heather

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    great interview lvoely…i had the pleasure of eating one of your staple salads!!! and it was yummy! although i have not been able to recreate it since you’ve been gone…love you…and GOOD LUCK…although i do not think you will need it…you are a raw dessert superstar!!!*hugs*