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    Gladys Taber has been a favorite auhtor of mine for years. I have collected many of her books over the years. I wrote to her before her death, and received a letter back! I have it framed. A dear friend introduced me to her books years ago. So happy you have discovered her as well.

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    I was rereading Stillmeadow Road for the uneeptmth time, and decided to go online to look for some sites about Gladys Taber and and her life. I found your site and was so surprised! I have three of YOUR cookbooks and have always loved them. I had found one in a bookstore and told my neighbor at the time (Santa Cruz, late 80 s) who told me she had been a good friend of yours. Her first name is Karen, and sadly, we have lost touch. That is only part of this story, however. I have read GLadys Taber books since 1962 when I was 13 years old. I came across several in my town’s library and sat down on the floor right there, and began reading. There was something so reassuring to me in her writings. I had just lost my mother, and my home. I loved those books! I continue to read them off and on, still loving them. It is like going home as there are so many favorite passages that I revisit. Anyway, it was so amazing to me today to discover that you, a favorite cookbook writer, also loved Gladys Taber’s books! But then, that only makes sense! I guess I shouldn’t be amazed at all!

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    Hey ,I just want to say welcome back home Susan. And no, I am NOT going to ask you ahntniyg about products or Willard..just hope u had a good trip, now rest, and enjoy what’s left of your summer in New England as I am enjoying the rest of my summer in the beautiful state of Washington. ( I took a month off to tour Ireland 2 yrs ago, but also did manage a few days in England and Paris & I have to tell you seeing the home of Jane Austen, as well as also visiting her museum in Bath, made my heart skip beats..My favorite memento was a tiny (& I mean tiny) 3 vol set of Sense & Sensibility, bound in powder blue leather measuring only about 2 inches by 2 and a half! You need a magnifying glass( almost) to read them, but its all there, unabridged ..& I do live them oh Willoughby ( spelling?) I almost missed my ride on our tour bus back to London I was so enthralled ( I was the only one foolish enough to forego seeing the mineral baths (at Bath) to sprint the mile or so on foot to see the Austen Museum. It was all up hill of course, but TOTALLY worth it ( & made losing my wallet earlier that week, seem inconsequential! ) Love Beatrix Potter too PS My two summer highlights this year included a super terrific meteor shower last week, ( where I couldn’t help but squeal with delight lying out on the paved road in front of our house .. no traffic that late but probably making the neighbors wonder) and celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary. I have a good hubby too Well its late out here..so going now.. wishing you clear starry nights and sunny days filled with joy, laughter, kitty love & fat raspberries ..welcome home. <3 Tam

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